Friday, May 15, 2009

Chapter 3 - Bogging

His paychecks came and went now. PayPal Premium, Ebay Gold Member – A+ buyer. His rep was growing. He spent every spare moment on an internet forum – tracking trends, posting with the best and brightest. He had it all. 5 lugs, towering shift knob, quarterpanels pulled skyward, but he wasn’t happy. His build thread slowed. The forum’s heavy hitters were pulling away – 3, 4 body kits a year - 9, 10 inch wide wheels.

Our drifter began selling. Everything. The paintball gun - no reserve. Snowboard WTT - nothing. His $1000 eight inch 5zigens, not one year later, returned only half that – to an MR2 owner. Shame welled inside him.
Kit, wheels, kit, wheels, kit, wheels, kit, PAINT! Fuck!
He began to hate his car. Its sunken wheels disgusted him. He resented his disfigured wheel arches, buckled quarterpanel, urethane bumpers faded to yellow.
His mind raced with ideas. Volk – white, D-max – sparkling. But reality tightened its chokehold on his dreams. He began to take out his anger on the internet forums.
So much money! So many builds! So little taste! The frustration was tearing him apart.

“Bottom mount seat?!”
“Please don’t get an RB20.”
“Lower you fucking pussy!”
“Vertex. UGH.”
“What. A. Waste.”

They just didn’t get it. All day – Vimeo, build threads, action shots, "fuck-ing-fail". The things he could do with their money… just five grand. His build thread would put them all to shame! He knew there had to be a place for him. A utopian drift forum – a place where everyone 'got it'.


  1. This blog is brilliant.

    This is most likely the best car related thing
    I have read or seen in a while.

    Please keep it up.

  2. Thanks! Plenty more material haha.

  3. grade A shit. keep it up.